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Duke DeLaet has teamed up with the fantastic guys at The Attractive Man to bring you LIVE Daygame workshops to help get over your fear of approaching new people by throwing you into the DEEP END.


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Duke Teaches awesome shit to change your love life forever. Get distance learning courses to increase confidence, conversation skills, and make yourself a better man in your free time.

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Duke talksĀ about dating, attraction, and gives plenty of tips andĀ tricks to make your dating life amazing.

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People Are Scared

Humans protect themselves, hurt each other, get hurt, and hurt each other again. As we're trying to understand ourselves and our emotions, our dating lives often become a testing ground for all sorts of evils.

Let's love each other. Let's get over our own bullshit that keeps us from approaching and having REAL, AUTHENTIC communication with the people we're attracted to, and let's figure out how to meet each other's needs without games and coercion.

I'm Duke DeLaet, and I am a communication junkie. I find authentic, real interactions to be the cornerstone of life. Relationships, I think, are the only thing that matters in this life, and it's my mission to help you navigate them in style.


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