December 24

Talk to anybody (Perfectionism Sucks)


All right, so today is gonna be a short ass video, because it is cold as fuck. And I don’t get back in the house, just fucking blanket up. But anyway, today we’re talking about perfectionism and having it stop your learning curve. But uh, these motherfuckers having to go and classy and shit. Know booger, nobo Cafe and Wesley, I’m normally at tipsy goat getting goddamnit hammered. But now I’m stuck drinking coffee, omelets, I guess real food.

I don’t know how I haven’t been because I like to see my ex here. She’s over the corner with her massive family, which is kind of hilarious. But anyway, today, we’re talking about perfectionism. And having it stop your learning curve. Here’s the deal. So many of my students, guys, girls, lesbians, they’re all under the impression that there’s the right way to do things.

And what they’ll do is they’ll come up with some sort of ideal. That’s like, Oh, I want this thing. And I’m not gonna stop until my initial responses. My initial assessment of the situation shows me that this thing is worthwhile, right? I have standards, right?

And then they don’t develop the skills to go have conversations be interesting tell stories do do the things that would be attractive, do things that would be filtering people out, do the things that would be moving the interaction forward, they just cut themselves off, right out the gate? And then they’ll be like,

Oh, well, you know, she doesn’t look like she’s gonna be very interesting. So I’m just not gonna go talk to her. And then that’s okay to have standards. But if those standards stop you from actually talking to people and developing the skill set, and relating and conveying who you are to somebody, and then you don’t develop that skill set, then when somebody who does meet your standards comes across, you’re not going to be able to perform under pressure.

And so, I get this from people all the time. They’re like, Oh, well, uh, I don’t really have problems with the girls I don’t like, but it’s the girls that I do like that I have issues with Well, yeah, because you actually have issues conveying yourself in general. And if you don’t practice that shit, you’re not going to get good at it. So stop being perfectionistic and go out and just talk to anybody.

And when I told one of my students, I guess it was last week, I was like, Look, what you need to do is just go out and talk to everybody. practice getting good at being social. Talk to everybody. And it doesn’t matter that skinny old buggin guys, girls, whatever, just just get out there and start practicing and lower your standards on what kind of girls you’re willing to talk to. And you’ll be able to learn how women work.

Right? You can you can, you can deal with your own communication skills against a bunch of different communication partners, and then you will get better at communicating. Like it’s it’s not fucking rocket science. And so he ended up starting to do it. So I think I told him actually a few weeks ago, because he called me last week and told me it was successful. And he went out and did it.

And lo and behold, now he’s got a girlfriend, and he didn’t have to settle for you know, the, whatever showed up, he was still able to choose and whatever but he was in the mode. He was in the momentum. He was in the is in the headspace of communicating and moving the interaction forward and leading and all that stuff.

And he got himself some results right away. Not right away. It took him a few weeks, but um, yeah, if you’re having issues, because your perfectionism is in the way and you’re just your ego says oh, I’m above doing this thing you know, when it matters and matters chances are you’re not working on your skill set.

Like this is a fucking get good at stuff thing. It’s not a learn the special secret tactic thing. So your daily challenge today is to go out and be social with as many people as you can. Now, if you’re not, you know, in the bar scene, like I am, it’s going to be difficult to find a whole shit ton of people to talk to, but you can still drop by a grocery store.

You can still dropped by a restaurant during happy hour where they’re, you know, doing the outdoor seating thing. You can still get out there and at least interact with a few people mask on mask or whatever. Like just do it so that you’re developing the skill set and you don’t let that shit die as a short video today, but still content blurry.

So I do this every day. Subscribe if you like it, check out last week’s video which is right or yesterday’s video right there. Check out the playlist which is right there. Subscribe if you’re not subscribed, and I will see you tomorrow and Until then, stay off


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