Lesson 2 : What Will You Commit To?

Lesson 2

Hi! I hope you're having an AMAZING day!

In the last lesson, we covered your own understanding of your standards. You wrote down 20 different things that would be "nice to have" in a partner, and 20 total "deal breakers".

Did you learn anything about yourself in that exercise?

You see, many times we repeat the same patterns from the past simply because we don't focus on what we WANT. Most of my clients know what the DON'T want, but have very little clarity in what they do want. 

I'm not going to get into the metaphysics here, but having a fuzzy vision of what you want makes it really hard to achieve/manifest/make fucking happen. Many times, the reason we keep getting the same results in our dating lives is because we're only focused on the stuff we don't like!

Clearing up what you do want in your relationships will improve the way you make decisions, set boundaries, and choose to love. 

If you haven't done the video debrief of yesterday's lesson, make sure you do it now. The next few lessons will work for you much better if you clarify your homework beforehand. 

This leads us to Day 2 of assessment!

Answer the following questions in your journal and then be prepared to answer them on the video debrief;

  1. Why did you seek out dating coaching?
  2. Why else? (Please provide a different answer than above)
  3. Why else? (Please provide a different answer than above)
  4. Where are you now in your dating life? What's your level of happiness, from 1 to 10?
  5. What steps have you taken in order to get this part of your life handled?
  6. What are your results from those steps?
  7. What will you need to do differently to get your desired outcome?
  8. What do you need to have learned now in order to get your desired outcome?


Make sure to answer all of the questions in your journal, and I'll see you tomorrow.


-= Duke =-