Lesson 3 : What is Your Perfect Date?

Lesson 3


Welcome to Lesson 3! As we’re getting to know you and explore your thoughts and motivations, we’ve been painting a picture of where you ARE. What your current standards, beliefs… what drives you in dating. Today, we’re going to take a break from digging into the past, and focus on the future. 

This lesson’s exercises are a bit less formal than the previous lessons. This is about projecting what you want into the future. In later lessons, we’ll use the data we’re collecting in the initial sessions to build real-world behavior so that you can filter out partners that don’t fit your standards. 

Take 5 minutes and imagine your perfect date. From when you first meet someone through the conversation, the vibe you share with your date, the things you’re doing. Feel free to imagine as vividly as possible. Include sights, sounds, smells, and pay particular attention to the emotional feeling you’re experiencing. Take as long as you need. When you’re finished, answer the following questions. 


In your journal, write free-form answers (at least a couple of sentences) for each question. There’s no right or wrong answer, this exercise is to get you to connect with your inner feelings and record them so that we can make positive changes in future lessons. 

  1. Describe how you feel right now, after imagining the entire scenario. Are you Excited? Happy? Sad? Anxious? Hopeful? Reserved? Scared? Pumped Up?
  2. Describe the Details of the date location. Where was it? What did you notice in the environment? 
  3. How would you describe your date partner? Confident? Scary? Timid? Generous? Talkative? Write as much as you can.
  4. Who had more to say in the conversation(s) you had on your imaginary perfect date? What did you talk about?
  5. If you had to describe the conversation in one phrase, what would that phrase be?
  6. Since this was a perfect date from your imagination, what attracted you to your date partner?
  7. Did your partner surprise you at all? Describe the experience.
  8. How was this partner’s behavior similar to dates in your past?
  9. How was it different?
  10. Look back at your standards from lesson 1. Did your imaginary partner display any of the nice-to-haves in your list, or any of the deal-breakers? Which ones?

Awesome. Thanks for doing that! The more detail you add, the richer your exercises will be in the future. When you’re done, create a video response in the Marco Polo app and tell me about your answers. Having the clarity from the last three exercises will help us with the self-awareness necessary to take responsibility for choosing more qualified partners in the future, and that’s what we’ll cover in the next lesson!

Looking forward to your homework submission,

-= Duke =-